Our Mission

“We work with companies that have ideas that can become a mission, and in turn, be built into a scalable discipline and yield substantial value.” - Greg Campbell, CEO - Rainmaker, Inc.


We help our clients build, refine and implement disruptive business models that are sustainable, create new customer categories and establish dominant positions in defined market niches.


We assist our clients in raising debt and equity capital and, if appropriate, as a firm make strategic investments in these businesses.


No business succeeds without strong leadership and equally strong governance. Relying on our experience as executives, investors and advisors, we work with senior management to help them grow professionally as the business grows.

Rainmaker, Inc. is a strategic advisory and investment firm with experience in multiple industries and across several continents. Working with our clients, we seek to bring ideas, people and capital together to create disruptive change that enhances people’s lives and generates substantial returns for investors.

We fully engage with each client to help build their business. Because we have launched, grown and transformed several companies, we know firsthand the challenges management teams face. As your partner, we not only invest our financial resources, we are personally invested to achieve your success.


We work with businesses that are disruptive, scalable and noble in their purpose.
That has special meaning to us.


We work with companies we believe in, championed by leaders committed to changing the dynamics of their industries.

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What Our Clients Say

Rainmaker brings the wisdom of a serial entrepreneur who balances the push and support to help grow our business.

Marvin Cole

Marvin Cole

Founder and CEO, Ovamba

Greg’s experience in building businesses and establishing good governance has been invaluable to our company.

Andre Angel

Andre Angel

Founder & CEO, TangoTab

Rainmaker, Inc. has had a decided impact on our corporate direction and highly influenced our growth.

Kathleen Leonard

Kathleen Leonard

President, Freeman Leondard
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